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Lucky Numbers, Astrology and Bingo; Oh my!

The signs of great fortune are always there if only you know where to look. Lucky numbers are understood by believers to contain inherent blessings – or sometimes misfortune – and numerology promises to guide its students to understand the mysticism between certain numbers and fateful events.

The concept of lucky numbers actually grew alongside Bingo in the West.

In fact, there was a game imported to Harlem back in the early 20th century by the name of “Numbers,” an urban gambling favourite that helped fuel the rise of game operators alongside lucky winners in the historic New York neighbourhood.

“Exciting the masses’ imagination to easy ‘hits’ by the placement of tiny stakes with glittering, quick returns, it squeezes Harlem in its powerful grip,” wrote author Claude McKay in 1940. “Numbers was the only game on which a penny could be put up as a wager. But a lucky penny makes six dollars for the player, minus the small percentage for the collector who places the bet… The avid playing of numbers enormously multiplied the appetites of the credulous in the science of numerology. Harlem was set upon a perpetual hunt for lucky numbers. House numbers, car numbers, letters, telegrams, laundry, suits, shoes, hats, every conceivable object could carry a lucky number.”

Just like our favourite pastime of Bingo, this game of lucky numbers – first called bolita or paquerita – made its way to North America from Europe, being introduced by a Spaniard from Catalonia. The man was nicknamed Catalan by Harlem’s players. Numbers spread from barbershops, and from there, interest picked up in numerology across New York. Books on lucky numbers sprouted up by the handfuls. Authors like the ‘Crime Queen’ Madame Fu Futtam and Professor Konje swore to their readers that a person’s luck was deeply subconscious and tied to their lucky number – a dream of a cat, for instance, meant your lucky number was ‘13’. 

Disclaimer: While numerology and astrology have been around for centuries and remain popular, there is no hard evidence to support their claims.

From Numerology to Angel Numbers: How Gambling and Lucky Numbers Collide

Have you ever heard someone tell you to make a wish at 11:11? Their belief lies in the ancient system of numerology, pioneered first by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.  

Numerology is the belief that there is a connection between numbers and human behaviour. Pythagoras wrote that each number has a unique meaning and vibration, combining to create the reality we live in.

That means certain numbers in our lives can influence personality, destiny, and fortune.

There are several numerology systems, but the basic principles are all the same. You start by calculating your numerology number, which is based on your birth date, name, or other unique traits. Once you have your numerology number, you can use it to understand your personality traits and destiny.

In the early 20th century, an author by the name of L. Dow Balliet resurfaced and repopularized this theory – publishing books on the meaning of vibrations and numbers and how to use them for personal gain.

Then again in the early 2000s, angel numbers were borne from the numerology system. Angel numbers were said to be messages from the great unknown, a New Age philosophy that angels are speaking to us by combinations of numbers seen at critical junctures in our lives.

Angel Numbers: How Lucky Numbers Are Subtle Messages from the Universe

Proponents of angel numbers look for signs in our daily lives, from the time on a clock to receipts to license plate numbers. Meanwhile, skeptics believe this philosophy lacks nuance and that any power from celestial beings would be far more awesome, while numerology is rooted in random coincidence.

They might be lucky numbers – as with the $400 million won by lottery players who used Chinese fortune cookies – or angel numbers could simply be a sign that you should take it easy, stop and reflect on your recent life events. 

But for the sake of a better understanding, here is what angel numbers mean to believers.

111: Manifesting Your Reality

The appearance of 111 signals a powerful surge of creative energy, with thoughts manifesting into reality at a quick rate. According to numerology, people observing this lucky number should be mindful of their thoughts, for they are thought to be the blueprints of their future.

222: Nurturing Your Thoughts and Intent

The angel number 222 is tied to the blossoming of intentions. This is thought to be a reminder to water and nurture the seeds you've planted in the fertile soil of your mind. The fruits of your labour are soon to be born, so don’t give up.

333: The Ascended Masters' Embrace

When angel number 333 graces your path, it’s believed that the presence is near the so-called Ascended Masters – enlightened beings who have transcended material beings. These holy beings are said to have a powerful love for all and can be called upon for guidance and reassurance.

444: Angel Wings of Comfort and Protection

Seeing the angel number 444 means you are going to be okay, with comfort giving you space to talk to the higher powers. Numerologists believe this occurrence is your chance to seek divine guidance, and you can rest assured that your thoughts will be received. 

555: Buckle Up for Transformation

Angel number 555 signals a period of transition, a time of dropping old habits and embracing a fresh start. It is believed you should approach this transformation with an open mind since you are due an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment.

666: Restoring Balance

The appearance of 666 is, of course, an omen of sorts. But you can make it what you wish and strike a balance between your material and spiritual fulfillment. According to numerologists, you shouldn’t get pulled down by too many earthly desires – remain focused on your spiritual growth.

777: Applause from the Heavens

Angel number 777 is a celebration with the angels of sorts. People seeing this combination are on a roll and should continue pushing forward with unwavering determination. It means good fortune is yours to be had, so keep striving.

888: Power of the Purse and New Beginnings

The number 888 signals you’ve just finished an important chapter in life, and it may be time to shed your skin and prepare for the road ahead. To meet the occasion for this transition, let go of the past and trust your instincts – this is also a sign of financial well-being.

999: A Cycle Has Completed

Angel number 999 marks the end of the chapters. A new door is opening, and it’s a product of your thoughts and actions. Trust that the universe has a plan in store, and remain vigilant but open-minded about the opportunities ahead.

000: Divinity, Love

The appearance of 000 is a powerful reminder of your oneness with all of Creation. Seeing this lucky number is a rare source for understanding divinity and the fate of your actions. Remember you are surrounded by eternal love, and let it guide your future.

And for all of you amateur astrologists out there, you can bet your lucky stars that numbers are said to be tied to a person’s sign.

Zodiac Gambling: Unveiling the Risk-Takers of the Astrological Realm

It is human nature that some of us are drawn to the allure of risk, riding into the unknown full-throttle and testing the prospect of huge rewards. While risk-avoidant people may not be interested in leaving their fate to chance, those with a penchant for risk-taking are always looking for new ways to get an advantage during a game of chance.

Enter: astrology, gambling, luck.

Astrologers have a unique ability to understand how a person’s birth and the celestial bodies above may shape our decisions and fate. Let’s delve into the world of zodiac gambling while exploring the signs most likely to be drawn to the allure of chance and the pursuit of fortune. If you don’t see your sign? Well, maybe gambling isn’t in your charts.

To use astrology in gambling, first, you need to know your own astrological birth chart. 
For reference, you can find your free birth chart online at several online astrological associations or pay for the services of a highly-rated professional.

While angel numbers cannot be found in the zodiac, people wanting to know how astrology and gambling might be interested to know that angels are considered to rule over the planets in our zodiac – with archangels that relate back to our life’s purpose and path. 

According to the experts at Heart Astrology, “This is because you are timing your luck, not the world’s, the casino’s, or the mundane luck. To time your luck, you have to know your chart.”

Here are a few simple guidelines, according to the experts: 

  • A person’s luck is guided by the ruling planet of their 5th house.
  • A planet in a person’s 5th house can indicate their gambling luck.
  • The ruling planet of a person’s 2nd house is tied to their money.
  • The 7th, 8th and 10th houses (or planets within them) are where we can read into the House’s / Casino’s money and the circumstances of dealers.

Pisces: The Gamblers of Intuition

Pisces, the sensitive and empathetic sign of the zodiac, might not immediately strike one as a gambler. However, their reliance on intuition and gut instincts often leads them to take risks, making them surprisingly prone to gambling behaviours.

According to astrology experts, Pisceans often make life-altering decisions based on their gut feelings, even when logic suggests otherwise. While this approach can sometimes lead to remarkable outcomes, it can also result in costly mistakes.

Their tendency to push aside potential consequences, fueled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, can further amplify their gambling tendencies. They often find themselves hoping for the best, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Scorpio: Embracing Risk for Drama and Excitement

Scorpios, the enigmatic and intense sign of the zodiac, are drawn to drama, often creating it themselves if it doesn't exist. Their thrill-seeking nature and penchant for taking risks can manifest in various ways, including a proclivity for gambling.

Instead of seeking out the adrenaline rush in traditional casino settings, Scorpios are more likely to channel their risk-taking tendencies into their careers. They may gravitate towards professions that involve a high degree of risk and uncertainty, such as crisis management, investment banking, or emergency response.

By immersing themselves in high-stakes environments, Scorpios can satisfy their craving for drama and excitement without resorting to more traditional forms of gambling. However, this doesn't entirely eliminate their gambling tendencies. They may still find themselves drawn to the allure of chance, especially when it comes to matters of love and relationships.

Sagittarius: The Risk-Takers for Self-Discovery

Sagittarius, the adventurous and freedom-loving sign of the zodiac, is known for making impulsive decisions, often based on a whim. While some of these choices may seem reckless, they often stem from Sagittarius's deep-seated desire for self-discovery and exploration.

Driven by ambition and ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, Sagittarians are drawn to opportunities that offer a chance of success, even if it involves a degree of risk. They may make spontaneous decisions to move to a new country, pursue an unconventional career path, or even enter a relationship on a whim.

Their willingness to take risks often leads to remarkable experiences and personal growth. However, their impulsiveness can also lead to setbacks and disappointments. Nevertheless, Sagittarians remain undeterred, their optimistic nature propelling them forward in pursuit of their dreams.

Gemini: The Gamblers with a Dual Nature

Gemini, the quick-witted and adaptable sign of the zodiac, is known for their versatility and ability to navigate various situations with ease. This adaptability also extends to their approach to gambling.

Gemini's dual nature can manifest in their gambling tendencies. They may find themselves drawn to the thrill of high-stakes games, placing large bets in pursuit of substantial rewards. However, their reflective nature can also cause them to regret these decisions later.

Despite their occasional regrets, Gemini's inherent optimism keeps them moving forward. They view each gambling experience as a learning opportunity, allowing them to refine their strategies and approach to risk-taking.

Aquarius: The Gamblers for Mental Stimulation

Aquarius, the innovative and intellectual sign of the zodiac, is drawn to the mental stimulation and strategic challenges that gambling offers. They view games of chance as opportunities to test their intuition, develop strategies, and exercise their sharp minds.

Aquarians may find themselves drawn to poker, blackjack, or other games that require strategic thinking and a deep understanding of probability. They enjoy the mental gymnastics involved in these games, relishing the opportunity to outsmart their opponents.

However, their pursuit of mental stimulation can sometimes lead to an unhealthy obsession with gambling. They may become so engrossed in the game that they neglect other aspects of their lives. As with any addictive behaviour, moderation is key for Aquarians to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling.

Leo: The Gamblers for Luxurious Living

Leo, the confident and ambitious sign of the zodiac, is drawn to the allure of wealth and luxury. They believe they deserve the finer things in life and may turn to gambling as a means to achieve their financial aspirations.

The Final Word: Lucky Numbers and Bingo 

In the game of bingo, theories suggest certain numbers are more lucky than others. Although the game is truly random, one such theory is that of a man by the name of L.H.C. Tippett. It’s been heavily scrutinized, but some players still swear by Tippett’s Theory in Bingo

Tippet's theory proposes that in a bingo game, the numbers drawn tend to cluster around the median, making it more likely that numbers closer to 1 and 75 will be called in shorter games, while numbers closer to the median (37 and 38) will be called more often in longer games.
Tippet's theory relies on the idea that the distribution of numbers drawn in a bingo game will follow a normal distribution, also known as a bell curve. However, in a typical bingo game, only a small fraction of the total balls are drawn. This limited sample size may not be sufficient to accurately represent the true distribution of numbers.

Superstitious bingo players have other ways of incorporating lucky numbers into bingo.

Maybe something special happened in the past on a certain day and month – two numbers you can ensure are on your bingo cards, if playing at a bingo hall. And a recent study by UK bingo operator Play OJO suggests the numbers 42, 62, 72, 51, 64, 81, 47, and 57 are the most frequently called on average.

Of course, everyone has their own unique way of testing luck. Whether each game is truly random or there is an inherent mysticism involved in certain numbers, it’s important to remember the human mind is designed to discover patterns – even where there may be none.

That being said… what are your lucky numbers?