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Bingo Near Me - Your Guide to Local Bingo Halls and Famous Bingo Venues

Bingo near me - From legendary hosts to luxurious bingo halls, this is your guide to playing bingo anywhere you live and travel

At its heart, bingo is a social game. That’s apparent nowhere more than land-based bingo halls, big and small, from VFW halls to luxury resorts. Although online bingo sites like Bingo Village let you play bingo right at home (or on the go), finding a local bingo hall that suits your style will give you a greater appreciation of bingo as a pastime.

You might be thinking, “Finding bingo near me is hard; I would have to drive a long way!” Or, maybe you’re in Vegas or Atlantic City and thinking, “There are too many options for bingo near me!”

We’ve got you covered in this guide to the best bingo halls.

At its core, Bingo Village is a community, and we want to share our favourite pastime with everyone. Of course, we’d like to think our very own Cozy Café is a great place to play online bingo – but we want you to experience land-based bingo when you can. Far from a game exclusive to AARP members, a new generation of players is teaming up to imbibe and put their fun twist on the game and make social bingo flourish. Among land-based bingo halls, plenty are fun and wacky – we’ll get to that. 

Other famous bingo halls are filled to the brim with hundreds of players, and many more are for serious gamblers! This is your guide to local bingo halls, the most luxurious bingo spots, the history of bingo halls, and so much more. 

There’s plenty of fun to be had playing bingo for real money in the real world… so get ready to pick your favourite coloured dauber.

The History of Bingo Halls

It’s easy to forget that around 14 million people played at local bingo halls back in the 1960s – it was especially popular for women who enjoyed the social atmosphere. But really, people of all kinds can find bingo near me and catch up with friends on a weekly basis while making a few low-stakes wagers. Some of the most fun you can have is actually playing bingo for fundraising because even if you lose, your money goes to a charitable cause. 

That’s how the game of bingo became popular in America – through churches, mainly used for fundraising. In fact, bingo started drawing so many wagers from churchgoers that leaders had to put a halt to the bingo craze in their parishes and dioces in the 1930s and 1940s. 

By the 1990s, western countries began their own state lottery games, and attendance began to decline at local bingo halls. We also had fresh science on tobacco and nicotine, previously inseparable from bingo sessions. With healthcare taking a higher precedent among people with families and indoor smoking bans becoming common, a lot of bingo halls were shuttered by the late ‘90s.

With the introduction of online bingo in the 2000s, it became apparent that land-based bingo hosts would need to innovate with clever new types of bingo, revisit its humble beginnings as a church fundraiser, integrate technology into their offerings and develop a new generation of players in order to stay alive. As luck would have it their investments worked – an entire new generation has come on board, especially in the UK, to make bingo fun again. 

Best Bingo Halls in the US

Sometimes, the best bingo halls are not, in fact, the biggest bingo halls. We’ve seen bingo being played in huge barns in frigid temperatures with open-air doors – and live animals on the premises! But, hey, there’s something to be said about the fun of cow patty bingo… although we’re not sure that’s why you stumbled upon this list.

As your guide to bingo halls, we’re ranking indoor bingo casinos with the best accommodations and regularly scheduled games, lively sessions and big payouts.

Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Mashantucket, CT 

This local bingo hall for Connecticut boasts a new bingo hall with over 30,000 square feet of space and 2,200 seats! After previously boasting the world’s largest bingo hall, Foxwoods upgraded its facility and designed a modern bingo hall with great amenities to create a fun atmosphere for high-stakes and big winning – in fact, a winner back in July took home $1,000,000. Truly, the name Foxwoods High Stakes Bingo Hall earned its name with bingo players routinely winning four-figure & five-figure payouts. 

Hialeah Park Casino in Hialeah, FL

Although this casino just outside of Miami is known for its resident pink flamingos and year-round horse racing, the casino itself is abundant with gaming machines and poker games. That’s not all – every week, they host “Big Wins Bingo” for your chance at plenty of fun and a big prize.

Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, NV

One of the most popular bingo halls in Vegas, this 610-seat bingo hall sports all kinds of promotions plus a private bar, 8 daily sessions, live DJs and watch parties for the local Vegas Golden Knights.

Muckleshoot Bingo in Auburn, WA

This 24-hour local bingo hall for Seattle area players attracts large crowds and boasts a festive atmosphere, with four-figure payouts regularly divvied up amongst winners and special jackpots at big events that draw attention from all over the Pacific Northwest. 

Palace Station Bingo Room in Las Vegas, NV

At once modern and no-frills, this bingo hall may rest in one of the world’s premier gambling centers – but still maintains a laid-back, friendly vibe. The staff is known for its warmth and attentiveness, and the venue itself is well-kept with plenty of promotions, drink specials and prize money for everyone. 

Pub 21 in Bismarck, ND

Some might consider this an offbeat choice (see those below!). But Pub 21 in Bismarck is more than just taps of finely crafted beer every night – it serves as a local bingo hall with casino games and frequent bingo nights with four-figure prize money, plus charitable donations quite regularly.

Turning Stone Bingo in Verona, NY

The self-proclaimed #1 bingo hall in New York might have some credibility behind its boasting, as it remains one of the most highly rated bingo halls by regular reviewers, with nearly 17,000 reviews on Google and 4.3 out of five stars. Run by Oneida Indian Nation; this northeastern bingo staple boasts a bevy of bingo promotions at an energetic bingo hall tucked inside a beautiful resort. 

Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ

Located in Atlantic City –  the Disneyland for gamblers, so to speak – the Resorts Casino actually owns the distinction of opening as the first casino outside of Nevada back in 1978. Its iconic pair of hotel towers sprout up from the boardwalk, with a backdrop of the sea behind a dazzling hotel and a first-class casino. Inside, bingo can be played among all the other time-tested casino games and in fun variations like Bar Bingo, too.

Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV

A relaxed bingo hall nestled in Las Vegas – that is, until it’s time for SUPER Bingo! People from all over the world come for the largest bingo tournament in Downtown Las Vegas in hopes of a six-figure cash prize. The Plaza Hotel Casino has been voted “Best Bingo in Las Vegas” by critics and bloggers for its upbeat bingo offerings and classic Rat Pack-inspired casino setting.  

Texas Star Bingo in Houston, TX

With over $7,500 in real bingo cash available daily, Houstonians looking for a local bingo hall need look no further. In fact, although Texas Bingoplex up in Fort Worth is equally lively, we might go so far as to say that this bingo hall is the best in Texas! It’s very well kept with recent renovations, and Texas Star Bingo donates to multiple charities to boot.

Morongo Bingo Hall in Cabazon, CA 

Not only is this bingo hall right down the road from the famous social media-friendly dinosaur statues but it’s connected to one of Southern California’s most popular casino resorts. The Morongo Casino hosts five variations of bingo with jackpots of varying amounts. 

Most Luxurious Bingo Halls in the US

If you or your travel partner have high standards and fine tastes but still enjoy the occasional foray into gaming, look no further than these luxurious bingo halls and casinos. Whether you want to find a bingo hall near a ski resort or tan out by the pool under the palm trees, check into these resorts that double as bingo halls. 

Casino Arizona Bingo Hall in Scottsdale, AZ

Located in one of the Southwest’s nicest resorts, this bingo hall in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area boasts 16 sessions each week with big flat-screen TVs, fast casual pub grub and a full bar. 

Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotel & Casino in Lake Tahoe, NV

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Tahoe on the Stateline with California, this is a fine resort neighbouring Harrah’s. Gaming enthusiasts can expect to enjoy regular bingo games, plus all the usual casino and table games – along with a fantastic array of local nightlife, food & drink options and nearby skiing. 

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Bingo in Maricopa, AZ

Connected to a Harrah’s resort sharing the same name, a glittering pool and fire pits with waving palm trees and incredible sunsets create a backdrop for this local bingo hall. Arizonans and travellers can expect top-notch service and amenities, with bingo promotions like buy 1 get 3 tickets free, giving players some extra bankroll for on-demand refreshments.    

Rampart Casino at The Resort At Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV

This incredible resort is an amazing sight, indeed. It has a casino hosting bingo every odd hour between 11 am and 9 pm, including "Twice the Daubin" and "Triple Coverall" sessions. The dining and entertainment options are as luxe as anything on this list, and time at the spa will leave you feeling rejuvenated for weeks. 

Seminole Bingo in Brighton, FL

Although the existing Seminole Casino (opened in 1980) is nothing to scoff at, we’ve had a peek at the brand new 2024 reimagining of this gaming facility, which upgrades Seminole Bingo in Brighton. The new version of this Florida resort will sport a 38,000 sq ft. casino and 100-room hotel with a steakhouse and other artisanal food options, plus a 12,500 sq ft. pool deck and on-site bowling alley. 

Gila River Resort & Casino in Chandler, AZ

Yet another oasis in the deserts of Arizona, Gila River Resort & Casino is a truly unique experience and top-ranked casino for a reason. With a designer look & feel in every room of the resort, the local bingo hall is no different. 

Most Offbeat Bingo Halls in the US

Whether you’re a road warrior who takes the camper van to new territories on the regular or a jet setter who frequently likes to try new foods and experiences, you might want to discover some special US bingo halls that are unique or hard to find. Some of our top bingo halls made the list even if they only host weekly or bi-weekly bingo events simply because of their unique atmosphere and down-home food & drink. 

Legendary Bingo in West Hollywood, CA

Not far from other old Hollywood staples, this unique bingo hall is run by quite the character – Bingo Boy. Legendary Bingo sports fun nights with a mix of comedy and bingo, plus customers rave about the food and drinks.

Tommy Rocker’s Mojave Beach Bar in Las Vegas, NV

Heavily inspired by the fracas and frills of Jimmy Buffet’s “Parrotheads,” this Rock ‘N Roll inspired bar boasts live music, a full bar and plenty of food, plus gaming and bingo – including a Drag Queen Charity Bingo that is a wicked good time. 

Fishbowl at The Banks in Cincinnati, OH

This neon-lit, tropical-themed bar plays host to weekly Tipsy Bingo – apropos for a bar with a blinking light that flashes 24/7, encouraging patrons to “Drink Like A Fish”. It’s a blast and one of our favourite wacky bingo nights in the US.

Crabtowne USA in Burnie, MD

This is a down-home crab shack with incredible fried seafood options that doubles as an old-school arcade! Crabtowne sports 95 classic arcade cabinets and pinball machines – plus, you can grab bingo and keno tickets on your way to your table. 

St. Paul Tap in St. Paul, MN

This modern taproom doubles as an arcade with great video games and pinball machines, plus a popular bingo night for anyone in the Twin Cities area looking for alternatives to the typical local bingo hall. 

The Detour in San Francisco, CA

An eclectic, fun and LGBTQ+-friendly bar that doubles as a small music venue and arcade. Locals rave about this Market Street venue’s weekly drag bingo night. 

Senet Game Bar in Tigard, OR

There are few options for local bingo halls around Portland, but this bar a little south of the city offers foodies an excellent menu of artisanal food & drinks plus a myriad of board games – and their bingo night is one of the best in the West.

Arcadia in Portland, ME

Another sprightly bar with arcade cabinets of old favourites like Galaga, Donkey Kong and Guitar Hero makes our list. This venue hosts weekly trivia and bi-weekly bingo for anyone in the great state of Maine looking for local bingo halls without any luck.

The PreGame Tavern in Barberton, OH

This old-school tavern just outside of Akron is almost as if “Cheers” came to life! And if you’ve never heard of the Dauber Diva, then look no further – that’s your host for Bingo Night deep in the heart of Ohio at this lovely relic. 

Famous Global Bingo Halls

Towns and cities across the world house bingo enthusiasts, and a number of bingo halls are famous for their unique atmospheres and big-money bingo games. If you’re a world traveller who typically includes a bingo night on the itinerary, these are some cities that have legendary bingo offerings. 

Buzz Bingo at Granada Tooting in London, UK

In a past life, this Art Deco theatre hosted live music and stage plays in the heart of London. Nowadays, it’s owned and operated by Buzz Bingo, whose network of local bingo halls host games totalling £2,000,000 in weekly payouts.

Club Southside in Brisbane, Australia  

Just southeast of Brisbane lies one of the most swanky, modern bingo halls on our list – Club Southside. Don’t let the relaxing atmosphere and dining areas fool you; they host competitive daily bingo sessions with some payouts reaching five figures in prizes. 

Bingo Chez Gabi in Bucharest, Romania

Another famous bingo venue in Europe, this bingo hall, may be a bit more infamous than famous after starting to appear on travel blogs due to the popular pub and restaurant located inside.

Bingo Adrogué in Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are not many places in the world with as many uber-popular bingo halls inside the city as Buenos Aires, but one stands out for its classic façade and niceties – Bingo Adrogué. This casino is one of many that draw gamblers in from all over Argentina while offering big payouts and a fun-filled experience.  

Dubai Palace in Rome, Italy

This famous bingo venue is perhaps Rome’s finest, even though the game remains popular throughout the historical home of Lotto. In a city rich with culture, this has become a mecca for bingo players due to its classic aesthetic – which has also drawn film crews to shoot movies on location here.

Palace Bingo & Sports Bets Casino Insurgentes in Mexico City, Mexico

It’s right in the title of this uber-popular Mexican casino – Bingo! The Palace Casino doubles as a resort with modern amenities and dining options for travellers and locals of the Mexican capital. 

Bingo Las Vegas in Madrid, Spain

This famous bingo hall in Spain attracts people the world over to experience everything the maître d' has to offer – and the offerings are plentiful. The brightly lit bingo room has bountiful cash prizes, and the restaurant offers a menu full of original Spanish food, wine, spirits and more.  

Dabbers Social Bingo City in London, UK

This famous bingo hall in London is at the heart of Britain’s bingo resurgence amongst young people, mixing a discotheque atmosphere and lively social events with the time-tested game of chance we all know and love. With variations like “Bingo Voyage” and “Neon Naked Bingo,” the hosts of Dabbers Social produce some of the wildest bingo games in the world.

Trinidade Bingo in Porto, Portugal

Fun with an authentic, local atmosphere, this Portuguese bingo hall is famous among locals and international travellers alike. Drinks flow freely, and games cost as little as €1, with people of all ages coming together to enjoy a traditional bingo experience.

Bingo90 in Panama City, Panama

This neon-lit Panama casino is one of the top bingo halls in South and Central America, with games of bingo being played every day of the week from 2 pm to 12 am, starting at just $1 per ticket. 

Club 3000 Bingo in Coatbridge, Scotland

This famous bingo hall is just outside of Glasgow, part of a chain in the UK capitalizing on bingo’s social phenomenon among players, young and old. This particular location is renowned for holding the record for the biggest single payout in the UK back in 2008 – one lucky winner took home £1.2million in bingo winnings! 

Traditional Bingo Halls in the US

Bingo Hall at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale, AZ

Riverboat Bingo Hall in Surprise, AZ

BD Bingo in Concord, CA

Durant Square Bingo in Oakland, CA

Firemen’s Hall in Collinsville, IL

Bingo at Breckenridge in Lexington, KY 

Jackpot Bingo Games in Lexington, KY

Rosemack Bingo Hall in Roseville, MI

Little Canada Bingo Hall in Little Canada, MN

Black Diamond Bingo Hall in Vadnais Heights, MN

Optimist Bingo Hall in Kansas City, MO

Bandwagon Hall in St. Louis, MO

Dakota Skies Bingo in Bismarck, ND

Blondo Bingo in Omaha, NE

Community Bingo Center in Manchester, NH

Gates Center Bingo in Rochester, NY

Seneca Gaming and Entertainment in Salamanca, NY

Dav Bingo in Portland, OR

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