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How To Play Bingo - 10 Tips & Tricks to Win at Bingo

How To Play Bingo - For some, Bingo is a family tradition. Generations of players set aside leisure time and some spending money for a chance to gather around, hit the local bingo hall – and hope for the best. You hear from bingo players whose youth was spent with trips alongside grandma to socialize and play Bingo… and what an experience it was to hear B-I-N-G-O! 

Sometimes, maybe grandma would go stir-crazy buying stacks of bingo cards and struggle to daub them all (thankfully, online Bingo has an auto-daub feature). She’d continue down a path of doubling down for a big win unless she had a bit of intervention from her trusty sidekick. Even if Grandma were the one who taught us how to win at Bingo, the game would get the best of her.

Of course, times change, but the game of Bingo doesn’t. It’s still fun, and you can still play Bingo for real money. 

When learning how to play Bingo, most of us make some very similar mistakes to grandma. For instance, when you’re first learning how to play Bingo, it can be tempting to get distracted by side bets or slots even when you should be focused on testing out a bigger stack of bingo cards – after all, the more bingo cards you buy, the better your odds of winning may be. One of the best bingo strategies we can hammer home is to manage your bankroll smartly, but we’ve put together some other easy tips to win at online Bingo.

1. Take Time to Learn

Practice? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about – practice. Like any game worth playing, online Bingo requires some time to learn. Although the game never changes, your reactions to different jackpots, patterns and game variants will certainly mature over time. Everyone’s “sweet spot” is different, but in general, the more you play, the more you’ll know how to wager based on the game’s variables. 

This includes how difficult your game’s winning pattern may be to achieve, how many cards have been bought, and how many players are involved. Understanding these and deploying different strategies in Bingo gives you the best chance of learning the ins and outs of how to win at Bingo.

2. Find Your Favorite Bingo Flavor

Even if you didn’t have grandma to drive you in the Buick down to the bingo hall back in the day, it’s easier to learn how to win at Bingo than ever in modern online communities like BingoVillage.

There are different bingo variants and some unique twists – seasonal themes and different patterns required to win, for instance. This Autumn, our team has enjoyed Fright Night, ghost busting for bonuses with every login and Trick or Treat Bingo in the Roxy Theater room.

As you build your bankroll, it’s essential to keep an eye on deposit bonuses and game promotions because, as we outlined in our best bingo strategies, you’ll want to buy as many bingo cards as your budget allows to maximize your chances of winning. Of course, it isn’t going to be as much fun if you’re losing patience or wagering too much on difficult-to-win games. 

Although chat rooms are typically lively, some people find 90-ball bingo or blackout bingo too long and maybe happier playing online slots than sitting impatiently while a winner emerges. 75-ball Bingo is probably a better choice for these players. 

Other bingo enthusiasts enjoy the relaxed pace of 90-ball Bingo but may feel uncomfortable with high wagers and lots of players. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right type of game for your style and getting a few wins so that you can have fun and learn how to win online Bingo.

3. Stick to Your Budget

It may seem completely obvious since playing online Bingo for real money is certainly a gambling endeavour – always be mindful of your bankroll and try not to overspend. When you place bets, whether that’s at the blackjack table or when you’re just starting to learn how to win at Bingo, a good rule of thumb is to create a unit size and stick to it no matter what.

A unit in gambling is simply the percentage of your bankroll you’ll be using to place bets for each new game. 

For instance, if your unit is 2% – even if you’ve won three games in a row and have accumulated a $10,000 bankroll – your fourth game would wager no greater than $200. 

4. Buy Lots of Bingo Cards

As you add more bingo cards, your chances to win go up. With auto-daub helping take the stress out of the game, you can just sit back and watch until the virtual caller signals someone has won the game. 

The trick here is to spread your playing out across a certain amount of time. If you win a couple of games after buying 25 bingo tickets (keeping in mind your gambling unit size and bankroll), you won’t want to continue buying big stacks of bingo tickets if your losses pile up in a short amount of time.

In this scenario, it’s best to play more games over a broader range of time. Try different game variants and do it over the course of a week (rather than exhausting yourself all in one sitting) in an effort to maintain your strategy of purchasing lots of bingo cards. This increases your chances of winning at online Bingo and gives you more of a budget to work with as time goes on.

5. Play in Off-Peak Hours

If you play online Bingo at sites like BingoVillage, you’ll notice a lot of members in the community tend to log on at the same time. This is especially true during promotions or special events that are designed to give players a chance to win more money and have more fun. By all means, test your luck at winning big bingo jackpots, but if you want to start adding to your bankroll with small wins consistently, then you’ll want to play games when fewer competitors are online.

That also means buying more tickets than the average person to tip the scales in your favour. On average, people buy 3-10 cards per game, so if you play online Bingo during weekdays when fewer people are online, you can use the previous tip to start winning online Bingo.

6. Play with Friends

If you’re just learning how to play bingo, it’s always more fun to grab a few friends and coordinate a time to play. Basking in the glory of hearing your final number and calling B-I-N-G-O! is the name of the game – and everyone loves being on top when surrounded by friends. Your crew might even consider sharing the costs of bingo cards and splitting the winnings. It increases your chances of taking home at least some real money, and sharing the pie will make it all the more encouraging to return again and again. 

If you happen to have a lot of friends and a bit of a social presence, BingoVillage also offers an affiliate program that lets you earn commissions. We give you all the tools necessary to create content and spread the joy of online bingo with your broader network, making it possible for you to play a part in building an online bingo community with people you like to play with. And the best part is you get rewarded with cash for your branded content. 

7. Bank on Bonuses

New players can grow their budgets with bonuses and promotions designed to give them extra money as they start learning how to play bingo. Every once in a while, BingoVillage switches things up and gives players bonuses so long as they make a minimum deposit in the promotions’ time period. 

Use it wisely, and buy more cards per game! If you have yet to play your first game, remember there’s a Welcome Bonus. Note that conditions apply to qualify for bonuses, and your account will separate your cash balance and bonus balance – only the cash balance can be withdrawn. 

8. Keep Calm and Bingo On

As with every other gambling endeavour, it’s crucial to understand your tendencies and not to get pulled into bigger and bigger wagers by chasing losses. Bingo doesn’t typically involve super high stakes wagers, but even so, it’s easy to get carried away if the people around you are winning while you’ve yet to win real money in bingo. 

On the flip side, you can overextend your playing time after a couple of wins and get carried away, so be sure to take breaks, stick to your strategy and budget and know when to quit. Remembering these online bingo tips will help you stay attentive and mindful of how your outing is developing.

9. Know Your Odds

With the adoption of Random Number Generators (RNG) and third-party review of online bingo algorithms, the community can rest easy that each player has a truly random chance at winning. 

Your odds of winning bingo depend on a variety of factors: the number of balls in play, the number of players in the game, the pattern required to win and how many bingo cards you’ve bought. For more about the math of online bingo, read our blog post on how bingo algorithms work. 

Speaking more broadly, if there are 50 players in the room, you have a 1-in-50 chance – supposing you purchased an average number of cards along with everyone else. Single line patterns have a higher probability of being called early, while in more complex patterns or blackout bingo, the odds of winning begin going up starting with the 40th ball called and continue increasing exponentially until the final number is called. 

10. Learn the Bingo Lingo

Acronym: Definition

(((room))) :  Room hugs

1TG, 2TG: 1 to go, 2 to go, etc...
AFK: Away from keyboard
bbiaf: Be back in a few
BBL: Be back later
BBS: Be back shortly
BRB: Be right back
BTDT: Been there, done that
BTW: By the way
cu: See you
CY: See ya
dgt: Don't go there
FYI: For your information
GG: Good going
ggp: Gotta go pee
GL: Good luck
gla: Good luck all
GLAC: Good luck all close
GM: Good morning
gmta: Great minds think alike
GN: Good night
gtg: Got to go
HB: Hurry back
im : Instant message
imho: In my humble opinion
imo: In my opinion
j/k: Just kidding
k: Okay
LMAO: Laughing my a$$ off
LOL: Laugh out Loud
np: No problem
OMG: Oh my gosh
peeps: people
plz: Please
ppl: People
ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO: Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
TC: Take care
thnx: Thanks
thx: Thanks
tmi: Too much information
ttfn: Ta ta for now
ty: Thank you
TY4WW: Thank you for the warm welcome
Tygl2u2: Thank you good luck to you too
WB: Welcome back
WTG: Way to go
WW: Warm welcome
yvw: You’re very welcome
yw: You’re welcome