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How to Win Bingo - Improve your odds at winning bingo!

This section focuses on proven strategies and tips from top players, software developers and Bingo hall managers.

Money Management – Gambling and Budget Basics

See what the online Bingo pros say about spending do’s and don’ts!

Proper online money management is geared towards maximizing your playing time—it’s not a system to beat the odds. Its best use is increasing your enjoyment, spending more time playing and ultimately having more fun. (The odds are in your favour that the longer you can stay in the game, the better your chances for winning the big bucks!)

Basic Gambling Rules:

  • Never play when you’re tired
  • Play only games you can afford
  • The cardinal sin is never to chase your losses. Never increase the bet size on consecutive losses. 
  • Gamble only money you can afford to lose.
  • Set limits before you start each day.
  • When you are winning, increase your bets slowly.
  • Set a winning goal. If you get there, cash out.
  • Keep your expectations reasonable.
  • Play at multiple sites daily to increase your odds and reduce burnout on one site.

Probability – What is it, and why does it matter?

To understand the odds and how to improve your chances of winning at Bingo, you need to have a solid understanding of probability and what it takes to stack the Bingo cards in your favour.

What are the chances it could rain tomorrow? You hear the odds every day in many different contexts. Just listening to the evening news, you will hear the probability or likelihood of whether it will rain the next day or not. 

In Bingo, the variables that determine whether you win or lose are made up of several key factors:

  • How many PLAYERS are playing the game
  • How many cards do OTHERS purchase
  • How many cards did YOU purchase
  • What type of PATTERN are you trying to cover
  • Jackpot BALL RESTRICTIONS on the number of balls called in order to win 

Tip: Of all of these factors, the ‘Jackpot Ball Restrictions’ will have the greatest impact on a player's chance to win in any particular game. Sure, you have to go up against other players for the prize, and unless you buy enough cards, your odds decrease. However, if the current prize must go in 35 balls, the chances of anyone winning drop dramatically. In many cases, players jump into games with very poor odds, spend their remaining cash balance, and the jackpot never goes because the ball call restrictions are too tough for that game.)
Once you realize that every detail above affects your chances to win or lose, you can be more careful in how you bet and purchase cards for each game.

Obviously, the goal of Bingo is to have FUN, meet new BINGO BUDDIES and have a great time in the process. There are slot games, side games, lotteries, trivia and chat room games to keep life in the online Bingo room out of this world. 

But for players who want the edge and want to ensure that they are not wasting their hard-earned winnings, it’s important to know when to maximize your card purchases and when to hold back for better games in the coming minutes and hours ahead.

It is almost impossible to guarantee big jackpot wins using this strategy, but the goal should be to find ways to maximize each and every game to get the most game reach for your buck. Whether you’re betting with Bingo bucks or real dollars!


Guaranteed Jackpots versus Variable Prizes

Most online Bingo sites offer a range of games that have two key differences. Most games have a fixed or GUARANTEED payout cash prize. Make sure before you buy your next batch of cards for a game that you know what you are paying for. 

Rule of thumb – check out how many players are playing the game and the guaranteed payout total. With that information, you can determine if it is worth maxing out your card purchase or splitting it up over many games.

If the game promises a potential progressive or huge jackpot prize, carefully check out the ball call restrictions to see if you have hope and prayer even to win. 

Jackpot Ball Restrictions – Buyer Beware

While we never suggest you avoid the big games – just be careful about your card purchases. Big games mean more players, and more players mean your odds decrease significantly.

More importantly, the odds are further predetermined by any restrictions placed on the amount of balls called in order to win a big jackpot for that particular game. Make sure before you buy the cards you find out how many ball calls you need to win the big prize. In many cases, the number of ball calls will be listed immediately in the game application.

How do you know a good ball call restriction from a bad one…check out our Jackpot Calculator Below!  

Jackpot Calculator – Also known as Cover-All Calculator

Get the facts on what jackpot prizes are reachable. We use a simple 5-point plan to help you know when you should maximize your card purchase or head to the slot machines until the next game starts.

For most sites, the big jackpot prize games are on Coverall Patterns. In this game, you have to get a ball called for each square of your Bingo card. It’s no easy task, but players win on these games daily all over the Internet. 

The key factor for determining your chances of winning is simply based on what if any, restrictions have been placed on the amount of balls called. In other words, if the operator limits the ball calls to only 35, the chances of covering your card in that short amount of time will be greatly reduced.

Jackpot Calculator

Ball Restrictions: Recommendation

25-30 balls called: Tough Going – better take a washroom break

31-45 balls called: Almost There – best to try your hand at the slot machine
46-50 balls called: Fighting Chance – jump in on this one. It’s anyone’s game 
51-60 balls called: Odds are looking good – don’t hesitate here
61-74 balls called: Mortgage the house on this one - someone’s going to win!
Please note that the Jackpot Calculator is just a general guide. The complexities of gameplay probability could take a supercomputer working around the clock to ensure you can win the big game. But issues of cards purchased, number of players, and balls called all add to the complexity of predicting outcomes. What we have done for you with the Jackpot Calculator is simply outlining the industry and leading player experience when it comes to worthwhile jackpots worth wagering top dollars and the ones that are a one-in-a-million shot.

LUCK – The Last and least predictable ‘Ingredient to Success’

We can’t stress enough that at the end of the day, your luck has as much to do with winning Bingo as any complicated number crunching. 

A rule of thumb we suggest. If you feel lucky, you might be lucky. Never hesitate to play any game, big or small, if you have a good hunch or had a great horoscope prediction that day. We have known hundreds of players who were down to their last few cards and wagered them all in a million-to-one-shot game and came up big winners. Like anything in life, you have to know when to use information and advice to your advantage and sometimes when to close your eyes and just go with your gut instincts.