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Online Slots Mascots

10 Best Online Slots Mascots

While most games of online slots are time-tested and true to their land-based counterparts, some just feel more fun than others, allowing players to immerse themselves in another land while enjoying their favourite pastime.

The best online slots all have unique mascots, helping keep things fresh as you play to win. The word mascot derives from the Greek word "maskaros,” the name for performers who dressed as animals in religious ceremonies. The Romans took it a step further by donning animal skins in times of war and battle. 

It makes sense, then, that one of our favourite online slot mascots is Hercules! Read more to find out who made the list of our ten best online slots mascots.

10. Diana Jones 

Diana Jones, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

She’s the girl you go to for finding treasures in faraway tombs, the bombastic and daring Diana Jones! Her deep blue eyes shield knowledge of untold riches, and by joining her, players can put on their best adventure boots and strike out for gold. The game itself ranges from low to medium volatility, with a generous 98% RTP, and temple treasures abound! Multiply your wins up to 5x with the radial prize multiplier and unlock a jackpot that's yours for the taking.

9. Legendary Mulan

Legendary Mulan, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

A warrior whose beauty is matched only by her power, the Legendary Mulan is a swordswoman more than deserving of a spot in our top 10! In an ancient land of dragons and hand-to-hand combat, Mulan brings us along in a fight for glory like no other – finding that 500x max win! The game ranges from low to medium volatility, with a 97% RTP and some of top tier animations and sounds among the best online slots.  

8. Wild Wonka

Wild Wonka, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Grab a golden ticket and prepare for a surreal adventure of sweet surprises! Our list of top online slot mascots would not be complete without the colourful chocolatier Wild Wonka, whose twisted candy jackpots and supersized prizes multiply up to 5x. With low-medium volatility and a beginner-friendly RTP of 98%, it’s time to get ready for a candy factory full of amazement and big prizes. 

7. Dolly

Dolly, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Bringing players back to a bygone era of muscle cars, rock ‘n’ roll and .50-cent hamburgers, Dolly comes in number seven on our list of top online slot mascots. Everyone loves a good chocolate shake and playing for keeps over at Dolly’s Diner, where the slots have low-medium volatility, a 97% RTP and a max win of 250x your bet –maybe enough to go buy that ’68 Mustang you always wanted. 

6. Vlad Dracula 

Vlad Dracula, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Scaretober never really ends for Vlad Dracula, whose eternal life and immense wealth are enough to keep us clutching our silver bullets and coming back to the spooky castle often. When the WILD Dracula appears, regular symbols are replaced so you can complete near misses and win. With low-medium volatility and a generous 98% RTP, there’s enough treasure in Dracula’s coiffeurs to earn him a top spot on our list. 

5. Genie

Genie, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

There’s no putting this Genie back into the bottle! He presides over one of the best 5x5 reel games in all of the online slots, with an immersive experience that takes you away on its magic carpet ride full of riches waiting to be found. When you find 4 BONUS Lanterns, your wish better be for cash – because that’s Genie’s one and only favourite wish to grant! With low volatility and a 97% RTP, he sure makes good on a lot of wishes, and Genie is one of our top online slot mascots because of it.

4. Ra

Ra, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Players looking for the best online slot mascots have no shortage of ancient temples to explore, but one of our favourites lies in the domain of the Ancient Egyptian sun god Ra. From hidden hieroglyphs that can score players a session jackpot to bonus games with sacred scarabs that hand out extra cash, the treasures of Ra make him as worthy as any mascot on the list. It’s The medium volatility slots under Ra’s purvey combine with an RTP of 97% that can provide an oasis of wealth for players who stumble into his desert.  

3. Cleopatra

Cleopatra, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

An empress with no equal either in history or the wild world of online gaming, Cleopatra VII is the first slot mascot to crack our three. This game has been enjoyed by millions of players, and for a good reason: You have 1,024 different ways to win as animated Scarabs flutter about as moving wilds to help complete near misses and win big bucks. With medium volatility and an RTP of 98%, beginners and seasoned slots players both have something to love. Plus, there’s a Pyramid bonus with each tier on the pyramid awarding a bigger and bigger prize for a maximum win of 150x the initial bet. She truly is a generous queen and reigns supreme over one of the best online slot games of all time. 

2. The Neon Cowboy

The Neon Cowboy, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Hit the jackpot, partner! We live in a golden era for Wild West-themed novels, shows, movies and games – and Bingo Village is here for it. The Neon Cowboy is like that neighbourhood bar mascot, well, if your neighbourhood bar was like an Old Vegas gold rush. Here’s your way to keep with the Western theme and strike it rich, where every spin lets you saddle up for sizzling payouts that can reach 500x the original bet. With low-medium volatility and 97% RTP, the Neon Cowboy is one of our best online slot mascots that keeps players spinnin’ and winnin’.  

1. Hercules

Hercules, Online Slots Mascots, Slots Mascots

Since “mascots” originated in Greek Mythology and the tale of Hercules is as tall as ever, we could think of no better pick for our top online slots mascot. Here at Bingo Village, players can enjoy not one but TWO online slot games featuring the famed Greek hero. On Mount Olympus, victory soars for players in the bonus round, which is reserved for lucky entrants who find three medallions to test their shimmering fates. In The Underworld, players enter the crypts of the Evil Lord, where Hercules can be found as a Wild card to help complete a prize line and give players the last laugh. Both games are low to medium volatility with 97-98% RTP and a Jackpot so big it would take the son of Zeus to carry it all to the bank.