Friday Night Races! Join Us and WIN

Giddy up, everyone! It's time to saddle up and join the excitement of Friday Night Races from 8pm-11pm ET this July! Get ready to place your bets, be...

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Sunday, July 14th, 2024


Finger Lickin' Fridays: Homemade Egg Rolls

So you're at a gathering (or at home playing online bingo), and someone whips out a tray of golden, crispy egg rolls, each one a perfect blend of...

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Lights, Cameras, Hooves! A Family Friend Takes the Spotlight

On a sunny afternoon, Remi took a few steps from the stable to the sunlight and realized this was it – her time time shine. Trotting around so gracefully wasn't always the norm for Remi.

So who's this beautiful starlet with the shining mane?

Well, she is the pride and joy of our very own Villager – player chickyandtheman.

Remi took her picturesque spot next to none other than Vegas McGraw. It was a stroke of luck that McGraw took time out of his award-winning Tim McGraw tribute tour which sees him ramblin' on and playing in front of thousands – even opening for national acts such as Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Reba McEntire, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton.

Remi stood strong and proud as the photographer snapped away, capturing her beauty and elegance. The photos were stunning, with Remi posing against the backdrop of the family's home estate.

As the camera clicked, Remi seemed to strut with an extra pep in her step, as if she knew just how much she meant to his family. Of course, McGraw took notice too. The resulting photos were gorgeous, and Remi's family will treasure them for years to come, a reminder of their star of the family. 

Vegas McGraw Photo Tribute