Friday Night Races! Join Us and WIN

Giddy up, everyone! It's time to saddle up and join the excitement of Friday Night Races from 8pm-11pm ET this July! Get ready to place your bets, be...

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Sunday, July 14th, 2024


Finger Lickin' Fridays: Homemade Egg Rolls

So you're at a gathering (or at home playing online bingo), and someone whips out a tray of golden, crispy egg rolls, each one a perfect blend of...

national donut day free

It's National Donut Day!

Calling all donut lovers! Join us at Bingo Village for a hole-lot of fun this National Donut Day! It's June 7th, so fill your coffee cups and ask for extra sprinkles... Nothing goes better with online bingo than classic donuts that make your taste buds do a happy dance!

Did You Know?

The first donuts were made by Dutch settlers in North America. These early donuts were called “olykoeks,” which means “oil cakes.”

The world’s largest donut was made in Utica, New York in 1993. It weighed over 3,000 pounds and was over 16 feet in diameter.

Dunkin Donuts, one of the most popular donut chains in the United States, sells over 2.9 billion donuts and Munchkins (donut holes) each year.